06/05/2016 - Dead Silent

'Thank you for all your messages of support. Dead Silent was published yesterday.

Mark Roberts - Dead Silent

Mark Roberts

06/04/2016 - Dead Silent and Blood Mist

'Dead Silent' is published in the UK on May 5 2016.

Blood Mist has published in Germany this year and is due to be published in Norway, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Mark Roberts - Toten Prediger

Mark Roberts

06/03/2013 - Origins of The Sixth Soul

The Sixth Soul

One of the questions authors are most frequently asked is ‘Where did you get the idea for the book?’ In the case of The Sixth Soul, I’d like to take a trip back in time to Liverpool in the summer of 1969. I was eight years old and the world was great because it was August and school was so far away.

One day, a boy told me an actress from The Beverley Hillbillies (my favourite TV show) had been murdered in America. I pressed for details but this was all he knew. He said it had been in the papers, so I went home immediately to find out more.

For the first time in my life, I went to the newspaper rack in the front room and read about the brutal murder of Sharon Tate and four others in the same house and grounds on Cielo Drive in Los Angeles. (It was the work of The Manson Family, but it would be months before they were arrested by the LAPD). The newspaper report confirmed two things. One that hit me between the eyes and another detail that I still can’t quite get my head around forty four years later. Sharon Tate was an actress who, amongst other things, did walk on parts in The Beverley Hillbillies. Also, she was in the later stages of pregnancy, weeks away from giving birth.

The world suddenly felt like an entirely different place.

I understood at the time that people died. I understood that there was violence and violent death in the world, mainly because of the World War II movies that were so popular on TV. But these were movies and none of it seemed quite real.

Once the shock of what happened to Sharon Tate shifted enough for other conflicting emotions to consume me, the principal cheer leader was terror. If one human being could be so brutal, perhaps there were more. And perhaps they didn’t all live on the west coast of America.

I started asking questions and I found out about The Moors Murders. So it wasn’t safe to be a kid in England.

When I started work on the first draft of The Sixth Soul in 2006, I went back in time to August 1969. Sharon Tate. California. I had a detective, DCI Rosen. I had a villain, Father Sebastian Flint. And I had a series of crimes. The abduction and murder of pregnant women.

I realised that if you want to write a frightening book, write about the things that frighten you. I was very afraid back then. And I still am now.


Mark Roberts